Bike Repair Services at West Seattle Cyclery

Our service staff has years of experience servicing all types of bicycles. During the check-in process we will do a thorough inspection with you to determine appropriate Service charges. We will give you an estimated cost and completion date. If we can't complete the repair while you wait, we strive to complete most repairs within two days depending on service part availability.

Feel free to bring in your bike when it is convenient for you or schedule a time to bring your bike in by clicking on the Schedule Service button and filling out the form.

Shipping a bike? See our bike shipping information at the bottom of the page.

Tune Packages

- Tandem and recumbent bikes will cost more for Tune Packages and some a-la-carte services.

Basic Tune $110

  • Adjust Shifting
  • Adjust brakes
  • Lube Chain
  • Inflate tires
  • Lube cables (or replace cables/housing if needed)
  • Adjust and torque all bolts
  • Adjust and lube hubs
  • Adjust and lube headset
  • Crank and BB torque
  • Wheel true and tension
  • Frame and wheel clean

* Parts extra. Estimated parts cost: $35

Basic Tune + Drivetrain Clean $155

Our Basic Tune PLUS:

  • Remove (chain, cassette, rear derailleur, crank arms) and thoroughly clean components in solvent free parts washer
  • Hand clean wheelset
  • Reassemble to original torque specification
  • Clean and polish frame

* Parts extra. Estimated parts cost: $50

Complete Overhaul $199

  • Complete removal of all components and accessories from frame
  • Frame cleaned, polished, and prepped for component reinstallation
  • All components thoroughly cleaned in solvent free parts washer
  • Clean, lube and repack all bearings in bottom bracket, headset, and hubs
  • Reassemble to original torque specification
  • All housing and cables replaced
  • Wheel true and tension
  • Hand clean wheelset
  • Lube Chain
  • Inflate tires
  • Handlebar wrapped

* Parts extra. Estimated parts cost: $100

Other Labor Rates:

  • Flat Fix (includes tube) $20
  • Cable/Housing Install $20 each
  • Derailleur Adjust $20
  • Derailleur Install $20
  • Brake Adjust $20
  • Install Brake Pads $20/pair
  • Disc Brake Bleed $30/brake
  • Hydraulic Brake Install $45
  • Install Chain $10
  • Install Cassette/Freewheel $20
  • Crankset and BB replacement $30
  • Fork Install/Swap $40
  • Headset replacement $30
  • Wrap Handlebars $15
  • Wheel True $25 
  • Spoke Replacement $30 ($5 more for disc/rear wheel)
  • Hub Adjustment Front $15
  • Hub Adjustment Rear $20
  • Tubeless Tire Install (per wheel) $25
  • Tubular Installation (per wheel. Additional charges for removal of old tires/glue) $75
  • Fender Install $20
  • Rack Install $15
  • Custom Fender Install (per hour) $80
  • Assemble Bike (No parts included. Additional charges may apply) $75
  • Professional Bike Build (includes standard cables/housing) $200 
  • Bike packing for shipping (Does not include shipping charges, or rebuild upon return. See the section on Shipping a Bike below) $75

Shipping a Bike:

We box bikes for shipping based on standard bike industry practices. The charge is typically $50-$75, depending on bike, to disassemble bike and package it for shipping.

Once we are done boxing the bike, we will give the customer the box dimensions and weight. The shipping charges and arrangements for pick up must be handled by the customer.

We highly recommend using Bike Flights to ship a bike. They use major shipping companies but at a significantly reduced price. Fill out the shipping form to get estimate of cost and the site will walk you through the final process. We can not be held responsible for a bike once it is in transit, so we highly recommend customer purchase insurance when arranging shipping with Bike Flights or any other carrier.

Customers can email us the shipping label and we will attach it to the box and have it ready for pickup.