Bike Fitting Services at West Seattle Cyclery

Why Should I Get a Professional Bike Fit?

You have invested in your bike, now invest in making the most of your cycling experience. You will benefit greatly from proper positioning on your bike, whoever you are, and whatever your reason for riding.

  • Recreational Cyclists: Ride farther, more comfortably, with less effort.
  • Fitness/Endurance Cyclists:  Ride farther and longer, more comfortably, and get stronger.
  • Racers:  Ride faster and more powerfully, more comfortably and efficiently, and improve your results.


Why West Seattle Cyclery?

We have years of experience and use the latest and best methods.

We use the latest and best techniques in bike fitting to ensure an optimized position on your bike. With background and certifications in Specialized Body Geometry Fit, Trek University, and Serotta Fit Systems, we bring years of study and experience to bike fitting to meet your individual cycling needs. We thoroughly assess your biomechanics, your medical and sports history, and your cycling goals and needs to achieve your ideal position on the bike.

We offer two levels of bike fitting:

Basic Fit ($100, 45 minutes)
We set up your bike on the indoor trainer, watch you ride on your bike, and assess how we can improve your riding position. We will adjust your saddle, stem, bars and cleats, if necessary, to improve your fit. We might need to replace components to achieve the best results. (Replacement components if needed, are an additional cost.)

Pro Fit ($250, 2 hours+)
This is the most comprehensive fit option.  We recommend this option for riders who are preparing for events, who want to improve ride performance, or who need to address previous injuries. We start with a pre-fit rider assessment to understand your goals, riding experience, previous injuries, flexibility, and strength. Once the assessment is complete we will evaluate your current setup for how your riding position conforms with the data gathered during the pre-fit assessment. We will then begin he fit process will then begin with modification of riding position using the pre-fit assessment as a guide. We might need to replace components to achieve the best results. (Replacement components if needed, are an additional cost.)  Depending on the changes needed, we may ask you to leave your bike with us   after your fit session so that we can finalize the adjustments.

What To Wear/Bring
We ask that you wear what you typically do when riding: your cycling shorts, jersey or close-fitting top, and your cycling shoes and pedals. Because it may take some time for your body to adjust to a new position on the bike it is also a good idea to schedule a fit well in advance of any events or heavy training periods you have coming up.

To schedule your one-on-one bike fitting session, call us at 205.557.7267 or click on the Schedule a Bike Fit button. We will confirm your appointment time or suggest alternatives based on bike fitter availability.