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2017 Marin Bikes

The 2017 Marin are starting to arrive. We have some of the new hot bikes like the Nicasio, Pine Mountain and Gestalt.

Advocate bikes are here and they are going fast!

They have some amazing bikes and a business which gives back profits for cycling advocacy.

Check out the Heyduke, Watchman, and Lorax.

We now carry Simcoe bikes. These are some of the coolest city bikes available. Simcoe bikes are beautifully designed and extremely comfortable to ride. Come in and see why you might want to get one.

Get the details on Simcoe bikes.

Here is a great little video from Simon Lawton of Fluidride. Check out his other videos at www.fluidride.com.

About Fluidride: Fluidride is dedicated to making you the best rider you can be. We offer private instruction, group camps, and top selling instructional DVD’s to help you get the most out of your time on the bike. Fluidride specializes in bicycle instruction for riders of all ages, abilities and disciplines.

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About Us

West Seattle Cyclery is a full-service bike shop offering retail bike and accessory sales, bike repair, and bike fitting. We are owned and staffed by West Seattle residents. Our mission at West Seattle Cyclery is for our customers to love cycling as much as we do. We support our customers in that effort by having dedicated, smart, and professional staff who use their knowledge and experience to ensure our customers purchase the bikes and equipment which best meet their needs.

You never need an appointment to bring a bike in for service. But we do ask that you schedule an appointment for bike fitting.